• Life's Thresholds

    "Loren has changed my life forever. As I have faced losing loved ones, chronic illness, and life's many challenges, she has held me in unconditional kindness, and opened up an entire world of spiritual support I never had access to. I treasure Loren with all my Heart..." ~Hannah K.

    When we undergo a significant loss or change along our life-path, we encounter a threshold. Our ancestors deeply recognized and honored these potent events in the life-cycle, and understood how their tending is imperative for the flourishing of the individual as well as the collective web of life. In modern times, however, we have progressively lost connection to the wisdom of tending life’s thresholds, and the transformational gifts that they offer.


    Embedded in life’s thresholds lives a ubiquitous, age-old template:


    Death & Loss

    When we cross a threshold of outer loss or change, we also undergo an inner death. As a significant element of our outer world falls away, we necessarily die to a part of our known identity.

    Grief & shedding of an ‘old sense of self’

    As we grieve our inner and outer losses, and release deep attachments, we begin a process of shedding the identities (beliefs, perspectives) that accompanied these attachments.

    Traversing the unknown

    Shedding an 'old sense of self,' we enter a period of not knowing who we are, or what our life-purpose is. We arrive in the desert of our spiritual lives and our hearts cry out with longing for connection and guidance.

    Healing & re-illumination; rebirth

    In the desert, though we may feel as far as we ever have from spiritual assistance, it is paradoxically very near. As we surrender into the Heart of not knowing, we become porous and available to Source. Life has thinned our habitual veils, priming us to receive, and great healing and re-illumination are possible. Through this process of rebirth, we become more closely aligned with our true purpose and our Soul's medicine.

    Return to community; celebration

    Returning with our medicine, we are witnessed and celebrated, for the quest we have made, by our communities of beloveds who recognize being deeply served by what we have had the courage to retrieve on behalf of all of Life.


    Giving our Soul’s medicine

    We go forth into the world, having been gifted the renewal of our Soul's medicine-- the elixir of Life that allows us to serve in deep alignment with our purpose, each other and our planet.



    Through spiritual counsel and shamanic healing, Radiant Passage lends deep support to midwifing the life-to-death thresholds that permeate our growth and development, thus enabling a resurgence in their implicit purpose, and a re-alignment with their natural healing and medicine.