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    Loren Arienne Uecker, MDiv., Minister, CMT

    End-of-Life Midwifery, Grief & Spiritual Counseling

  • " I have wrestled with the angel and I am stained with light and I have no shame..."

    ~Mary Oliver

  • About Loren Arienne Uecker

    Compassion & Presence

    Loren Arienne Uecker

    Lying next to my own mother as she prepared to cross over, I awoke to a recognition of death as my life-teacher, as well as to a call to the work of death & grief transitions. Bearing witness in this way, I felt as if one of my two eyes, previously shrouded, was given sight. In the inextricable dance between the energies of life and death, I had been gifted the sight of death, and could now see Life more clearly.


    My longing to stay close to the Mystery I witnessed my mother die into, led me on a nineteen-year journey, beginning with hospice volunteering, unfolding into Graduate inter-faith chaplaincy studies at Naropa University’s Divinity School, followed by 13 years of serving as a professional hospice Chaplain & Spiritual Counselor. Along the journey I have additionally collected a unique blend of tools from years of study in body-oriented psychotherapy, mindfulness meditation, and shamanic modalities.


    I believe that the dying process holds deep medicine for the dying and the living, alike. This medicine is, paradoxically, indispensable to our capacity to live and understand life fully. It is my honor and purpose, to serve the return of death to its rightful place in the totality of life, and to support the dying and their loved ones in drawing close to the spiritual journey that death invites and extends. It is my great joy to walk beside you as, together, we approach this Mystery ...

    Loren Arienne Uecker - End of Life Counselor

    Trainings & Accreditations

    Core Education ​

    ​ **Loren is a Registered Psychotherapist in the State of CO.

    • Completed Masters of Divinity degree from Naropa University, 2007.
    • Received ordination as a Buddhist Minister by the IOBM (International Order of Buddhist Monks), 2014.
    • Qualified Meditation Instructor since 2006. 
    • Level IV Healing Touch practitioner.

    Additional Trainings

    • Currently pursuing Death & Grief Studies Certification from the Center for Loss & Life Transition
    • Completed 3-year Professional Shamanic Practitioner training, "The Art & Practice of Shamanic Healing" with Julie M. Kramer, September 2019.
    • Body-Mind Psychotherapy training with Susan Aposhyan, Boulder, CO, 2013-2015.
    • Psychopomp Training, Boulder, CO, 2012.
    • "Sacred Call of The Healer" training, Boulder, CO, 2011-2012.
    • Somato-Respiratory Integration (SRI), Wellness Educator Program, Westminster, CO, 2011.
    • Completed 5 units of Clinical Pastoral Education as hospital resident chaplain at St. Anthony’s Hospitals, Denver, 2007-2008.
    • Advanced Buddhist Seminary, Dharma Ocean, Crestone, CO, 2005.
    • Formal apprenticeship with Janet Adler in the Discipline of Authentic Movement, Sebastopol, CA. 1999-2004.
  • Loren's Offerings

    As we die, we are moved out of our sense of individual self and beckoned into something larger, something Beyond....

    Unfolding along this journey, the veils that ordinarily keep us separate from our spiritual Source, become thin, and we are drawn near the Mystery. Perhaps as near as we have ever been.


    When offered support to access this unique proximity to Source, we find it provides a deep well of sustenance and comfort, expanding our trust and capacity to move toward the unknown and the unfamiliar dimensions of the dying experience. In this way, we experience our fear, our grief, our losses, held by something greater, something at the very Heart of the spiritual world, to which we ultimately Belong.

    End of Life Counselor

    End-of-Life Counselor

    Dying holds the potential to be the utmost spiritually transformative event in the human life-cycle...

    Yet we often lack the adequate support and road maps to accompany us on the journey and help us make sense of the unrecognizable experiences that can accompany this threshold. Spiritually centered end-of-life counseling offers a creative, heart-centered environment in which these experiences can be contextualized and explored, thus inviting the potential for deep spiritual healing where physical recovery or curing may no longer be possible.


    Preparing well for this profound passage, requires touching all that we love along the way. This process can ask of us tremendous courage and willingness to stay present with life. As a counselor and guide, familiar with this territory, I walk alongside you, facilitating the voices of this unique transition to surface, bearing witness to and supporting the integration of what arises.


    What is asking for release? What is ready to be celebrated? What gifts are yet to be given? What do I need to grieve? How can I allow myself to deeply receive from those who love me? How do I want to live as I am dying? How can I draw close to my spiritual support?


    These and other important questions may arise. Together, we will create a sacred vessel to hold the invitations of this time, tending to the unknowns within a deep well of presence and resource.

    Death Midwife

    Sacred Passage Midwife

    Like birth, death is a labor that ushers us across sacred waters...

    As a midwife to the dying, I am skilled and adept in navigating the final waters of life, and act as an indispensable guide for the dying and their family across the final threshold.


    Together, we create a sacred space where:

    • Vigil can be tended
    • Dying can happen with greater ease and equanimity
    • Presence is heightened
    • Important healing between the dying and their loved ones can clarify and take place in a mindful & loving environment
    Adding ceremony and ritual, we:
    • Create beauty and nourishment
    • Honor the spiritual dimensions of the end-of-life threshold
    • Invoke the participation of sacred elements and principles that enrich, protect and lend their support to the vessel of care surrounding the dying
    • Mark the sacred passage
    Grief Counseling

    Grief Work

    Grief is the very process by which we transform our lives from a path interconnected with our beloved, to one wherein we can rediscover joy, vitality and engagement, while still honoring their absence...

    The loss of someone we love can be one of the most disorienting and trying experiences of a lifetime. Following a loss, the support of the family, friends and healthcare providers who have been our community, return to their lives...yet we are still grieving. If we have been a primary caregiver for our loved one, then we may also grieve the loss of purpose that we found in caregiving, a purpose perhaps more singular and meaningful than any we have felt previously.


    Grief is the journey by which we reorganize and rediscover our purpose and identity in life. It is not a sign that something is wrong with us. Rather, it is a sign that the processes of nature are working in and on us accurately. The deeper our attachment to our beloved, the deeper this unwinding must necessarily be. Spiritual Counseling witnesses grief as a sacred space that has a vital place in the unfoldment of a fulfilling life. It supports the bereaved to find resources within the grief that allow space from, and greater flexibility within, its intensity. This leads to increased perspective and meaning-making and hones our navigation skills as we engage the delicate dance between our lives and hearts that grief requires.

    Sacred Passage Shaman

    Shamanic Support

    Shamanism speaks to that which lies just beyond the reach of our ordinary senses, yet informs and infuses all that we perceive...


    Shamanic journeying enables us to access and receive direct support and guidance from a wellspring of unseen spiritual assistance. The immediacy of connection that shamanic journeying makes possible can be an invaluable resource in deepening spiritual resources at end-of-life. As a shamanic practitioner, I will:

    • Guide you in journeys to connect with the natural world, animal helpers, benevolent ancestors, and beings who reside in spiritual realms and are available to offer their assistance
    • Journey on your behalf to receive guidance on personal topics of inquiry
    As a "conductor of Souls," trained in the ancient art of Psychopomp, I assist the Soul, or essence, in crossing over after it has left the body.
    In my role as a Psychopomp I will:
    • ​Prepare the spiritual ground for a Soul’s crossing
    • Invoke and solicit unseen ancestral and spiritual assistance to open pathways that support a successful passage
    • Support you in connecting with guides specifically available to support your Soul in crossing over
  • Testimonials

    What Loren's Clients are Saying....

    G.H. in Littleton, CO

    Loren Uecker has truly proven to be a partner in healing.


    My family started a relationship in growth with Loren at the beginning of my husbands treatment for cancer. It was important to my Hubbie, and myself that we have a spiritual mentor early on. God and the Universe sent us Loren. Over the 4 years that Loren was a regular in our home, we were blessed with a unique opportunity to work on our marriage, the relationship with our children, and ourselves. Loren came and helped us both as he made his final journey from me to God. Loren then offered strength during the first days of grief, and helped me to set short-term goals for how to make the transition to being alone. Then there was the memorial where Loren officiated and offered her own special insight to our family.


    When a year had passed and family and friends who felt I was “ok”, went away. . . Loren took me by the hand and started my personal journey--a road back to finding the small joys in everyday living, having the ability to share happy times with my family again, and go forward with some sense of confidence in life. Then, wise as she is, she sent me from the nest to spread my wings and try it on my own.


    Loren has the true soul of a healer, and a gentle way of encouraging those she works with to gain new tools; tools that provide change that last a lifetime. I can think of no other that is more qualified, or could be more trusted with our most precious possession. . . . our hearts.

    J.S.O. in Oakland, CA

    Authentic Power manifests in the world when one answers the Call to follow their life's purpose to embody the gifts given them by Spirit.


    Loren Uecker has answered this Calling.


    Initiated in her 20's by the untimely death of her mother, Loren, followed the thread of her own grief and made the classic Heroine's journey to dive deep into the depths of her own darkness and return with great gifts to share with her community. Loren's loving presence has the ability to fill the room with warmth, and a calm, compassionate care that embraces intimate friends and perfect strangers as one in the same.


    When my partner was diagnosed with Leukemia, Loren made herself available to us, individually and as a couple. Before and after my partner died, Loren helped coach me through the details of caring for her body (she wanted a home funeral) and was by my side as I lit her cremation fire. Loren's ability to companion my grief process empowered me to embrace the Grace that grief offered me and to trust its initiatory power. I know of no one more skilled in holding space. By offering her deep, intuitive wisdom, Loren helps us trust the perfection of whatever life transition through which we are going.


    If you are reading this in search of someone to accompany your journey where you thought no one would go, know that you need look no further...


    K.C. in Federal Heights, CO

    My life-partner and I were a self sufficient unit of love and we took care of each other for 46 years. Then cancer came into our lives to shorten my partner's existence here on earth.

    We found ourselves caught up in a whirlwind of pain, chemo and despair. Then we were introduced and blessed with an angel, Loren Uecker.

    We were able to share our life story and our hearts with Loren fully and openly for the last years of my partner's life.

    Loren would bring life back into our home every time she walked through the door. She calmed my partner and me with her voice, touch and reassurance.

    I was able to sit back and take a deep breath while Loren visited with us.


    Together, Loren and my partner, planned her memorial right down to the single flower she wanted. Loren officiated a beautiful memorial, full of my life-partner's spiritual beliefs and her requested words.

    Our families and friends said that it was the most moving memorial they had ever been to.


    Loren has the skills, compassion, and the grace from God, to help lead our loved one's Souls on their path Home. To those of us remaining here on earth without our loved ones, she gives us the strength and tools to help mend our broken hearts, and to start our journeys from extreme grief to happiness and laughter.



    J.B. in Littleton, CO

    When Charles and I met Loren, we felt cautious about bringing an unknown into our confidence at a time when we felt totally vulnerable. Charles lived with a diagnosis of chronic leukemia for years and had coped with a series of other health issues. We felt a great sense of urgency about making decisions we did not want to face when things inevitably became more complicated. What did he want in the way of further medical support? What did we want for funeral arrangements? How did we want to celebrate his life? Our first meeting with Loren resulted in a profound connection that only grew in the coming months. A great sense of calm replaced the gnawing anxiety we felt. She appreciated our need for privacy, minimum outside intervention, and professional help.


    Loren met with us together and separately to talk through what was ahead. Each meeting deepened our appreciation for her sensitivity. She supported us and guided us through painful decision making. After Charles’s death, she officiated at his graveside service. Her words of comfort, wit, and wisdom still resonate three years after his death. I will forever be grateful to her for all she did to shepherd my husband of fifty years and me through one of life’s most treacherous journeys.





  • End-of-Life Educator

    Loren has a passion for teaching and has developed and taught spiritual care models for hospice volunteer and staff across multiple organizations. She currently serves as core faculty for the Willow Farm Contemplative End-of-Life Care training program, educating hospice professionals, death doulas, volunteers & caregivers, and teaches regularly for Agape Hospice.

    Loren Uecker - End of Life Educator

    Upcoming Trainings

    "Loren's capacity to hold a group through the curiosities that live in the realm of end-of-life care is remarkable. Her kind, gentle and poetic approach leaves us all in awe and wonder for the world we are about to step into..." -S.A., Death Doula & Hospice Volunteer


    Coming this Winter!


    Standing At The Threshold: Journeys Toward The

    Mystery of Death & Dying

    with Loren Arienne Uecker, MDiv.

    January 17-19 at Willow Farm

    Friday evening, 6:00-8:30, Saturday 9:00-4:00,

    Sunday 9:00-4:00


    Most of us have never been invited to approach the mystery of our own

    dying. In a largely death-phobic culture, we are not often encouraged to

    invite relationship to this inevitable and profound transition until it is upon


    Our Death lives within our Life, and like anything, we can choose to turn

    toward or away from it.

    If...we open a relationship to our own dying, how might death begin to

    make it’s gifts known to us? How does drawing near to the mystery of our

    own dying, as we are living, help develop the presence required to meet our

    death and the death(s) of those we love?


    In this two day retreat, we will explore what life tells us about what unfolds

    at this exquisite psycho-spiritual threshold. Through guided journeying

    and personal inquiry we will begin to touch and invite relationship to what

    "lies beyond what we know", at the juncture of matter & spirit, life &


    Cost: $225.00 includes a healthy nourishing lunch
    ($25 discount for early registration by December 17) 
    To register, please email: info@willowfarmcolorado.org


    *Contact Loren for upcoming trainings and talks

  • Willow Farm Volunteers

     Willow Farm is dedicated to developing the relationship between living an awakened life and dying with love and dignity.

    Our Volunteer Team

    As core faculty for the Willow Farm Contemplative Center, Loren regularly trains and mentors volunteers in the fundamentals of end-of-life care within a broader context of contemplation and mindfulness.


    The Farm's educational training model supports volunteers to be present and open to what is happening in the moment, thus enabling them to better understand and respond to the needs of others. It offers strategies for navigating the difficult emotions that can arise in caring for others. By integrating tools for reflection and awareness, students of the program become more resilient and their capacity for compassion expands.


    In addition to Loren's care, and under Loren's guidance, a Willow Farm volunteer can offer:

    • Comfort
    • Listening presence
    • Companioning & socialization
    • Support to life-review and reflection
    • Caregiver relief

    Please let Loren know if your loved one and family would benefit from volunteer support.

  • Contact Loren

    I would be honored to support your experience of a deep and meaningful passage

    Louisville, Colorado, USA
    By Appointment Only