• Radiant Passage

    Loren Arienne Uecker, MDiv., Minister, CMT

    Counseling & Healing at the Thresholds of Life & Death

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  • " I have wrestled with the angel and I am stained with light and

    I have no shame..."

    ~Mary Oliver

  • Radiant Passage Midwifery

    Life and death, are two parts of a whole, naturally embedded in one another. Just as the trees bud in spring, grow into fullness in summer, shed their leaves in the fall, and return to dormancy in the winter, our spiritual lives and personal evolution mirror this cycle. It is by way of Life's significant events, changes, losses and transitions, that we encounter its 'seasons', and are moved though an age-old template of death and rebirth by which it is guaranteed that we grow, not only as individuals, but also as Souls.


    Naturally, the renewal of life made possible by this personal quest, directly nourishes the renewal of our communities and our planet. And, as we surrender to these larger forces and traverse their terrain of growth, Life assures that we are gifted opportunities to practice for the ultimate surrender that arises at our final and physical deaths. The template is one and the same. Our ancestors deeply recognized these outer cycles and their inner landscapes. Our bones remember them. They form our kinship with all living things.


    Radiant Passage lends deep support to midwifing the life-to-death cycles that permeate our growth and development, thus enabling a resurgence in their implicit purpose and a re-alignment with their natural healing and medicine. Through spiritual embodied counseling, shamanic and energetic healing, ritual & ceremony, we will embrace the honoring and healing that is needed at each important phase of the threshold journey, allowing it’s intelligence to contact us, speak to and through us, as we become increasingly whole and interconnected with the larger forces that nourish all things.

  • Tending the Thresholds

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