• Shamanic Healing

    "Each session with Loren is its own miracle - each one a bountiful harvest, and each one a deepening into connection with true self. Work in non-ordinary realms can be somewhat amorphous. Loren’s gentle guidance in this work has been exceedingly clear and concrete, giving me tools and anchors that I now use daily in my own meditative practice. I feel tremendous gratitude for having found Loren as my shamanic guide...."

    ~Heather B.

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    When we approach a healing crises or transformative threshold in our lives, our egoic sense of self becomes more porous, and the veils that usually appear to separate us from Source, become thin. This precious doorway lends us access to realms of spiritual and energetic assistance, guidance and support, that play a vital part in our growth and healing as human beings.


    Shamanism is an ancient healing modality that acknowledges the profound wisdom and intelligence of the life-force energy that infuses and animates all things, material and spiritual, alike. When we engage spiritual healing from a shamanic point of view, we turn our attention to this energetic world, “unseen” to our physical senses, yet very much alive, participating and interpenetrating our known reality. As we do so, we find countless energies and forces, whose very purpose is to assist us in living and evolving fully as spiritual beings in a physical world. Through the wisdom and unconditional witness of these forces of nature and spirit, we gain insight into our soul’s purpose, into what may be hindering or blocking the fullest expression of our soul’s medicine, and how to bring healing to that which no longer serves us.

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    Shamanism offers us ritual healing methods with which we can attend to this transformational process, including but not limited to: 



    -Guided Journeying

    -Ancestral Healing

    - Soul Retrieval


    -Compassionate De-possession

    -Curse Unraveling



    My personal medicine as a shamanic practitioner is deeply rooted in empowering you, as my client, to gain tools that enable greater access to and facility in the unseen world of Spirit, such that it becomes an ever-deepening well of connection, resource and vitality. Together with the Helping Spirits, we will uncover a healing map consisting of the shamanic healing methods, rituals and ceremonies that will help you draw closer to your true potential.